Medical Expeditions

Medical Expeditions

Use your medical or dental skills to support the development of one of our remarkable partnership healthcare projects in the Peruvian Amazon and on Lake Victoria, Tanzania.

Bring your knowledge, skills and passion aboard one of the 3 fully-equipped medical vessels, working alongside the national healthcare teams on a 2-week expedition, gaining invaluable experience and helping to support positive healthcare outcomes for remote and isolated communities.

Join the team and help transform lives! As we only have a limited number of places, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to confirm availability before applying.

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Consultations - Lake Victoria


Consultations - Amazon


Medical & Dental Consultations

Climb Aboard And Join The Team

Vine Trust offers opportunities for qualified, registered clinicians and final year medical students the opportunity to support one of our extraordinary partnership programmes which are helping to strengthen health systems for remote communities in either the Peruvian Amazon and on Lake Victoria, Tanzania.

Operating from one of the three medical ships, which are fully equipped consultations rooms, dental surgeries and pharmacies, you will sail to communities who would otherwise have little or no access to basic health services.

Together with the permanent in-country clinical team, you will live and work on the ship, supporting the respective programme’s delivery of medical services and health education in each of the communities during your expedition.

Smiling medical team aboard a Vine Trust ship

Challenge Yourself

You don’t need any previous knowledge or experience of tropical medicine, or be able to speak Spanish or Swahili. Our team of medics and translators will support you throughout your expedition, enabling you to make the most of your time in this challenging and rewarding environment.

Volunteers from past expeditions have told us they found their experience on board immensely valuable and fulfilling, both professionally and personally. Apply your clinical skills in innovative ways to treat vulnerable communities in the most unique and incredible settings on the planet

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Medical consultation
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Tanzania Medical Expeditions

Bring primary healthcare to the isolated communities of Lake Victoria, Tanzania, as part of Vine Trust’s latest healthcare initiative. MV Jubilee Hope, a 160-ton former Royal Navy Tender, refitted for purpose, will be your base as you travel to the vulnerable communities on the shores and islands of the lake. Launched by HRH The Princess Royal and operating since 2015, Jubilee Hope serves an area of an estimated 450,000 people who have little or no access to medical care.

Cooperating with regional, national and international partners, you will provide a range of primary healthcare services, including General Medicine, Dentistry, Mother & Child clinics,
and HIV testing/treatment. You will be fully immersed in the colourful and vibrant Tanzanian culture and visiting communities. Find out more about this project in our Jubilee Hope Handbook.

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Peru Medical Expeditions

Help us provide basic health and dental care to the rural communities of the Peruvian Amazon. Since 2001, Vine Trust’s Amazon Hope Programme has worked closely with the Peruvian Ministry of Health to provide a regular healthcare service to over 160 remote communities on the Amazon and its tributaries. In July 2014, we celebrated the milestone of our 1 million patients, treated free of charge!

Practice your clinical skills in the heart of the spectacular Amazonian rainforest, visiting local communities and enjoying the incredible natural surroundings. Find out more information in our Amazon Hope Handbook.

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Clinical Tasks

We are unable to guarantee what health issues will be presented as each expedition will be different. It is, however, likely that clinical tasks may include:

  • managing tropical diseases (including malaria)
  • basic obstetric care
  • treating minor injuries
  • undertaking minor surgery
  • paediatrics
  • tooth fillings & extractions
  • health education.

Please note our in-country staff will provide you with all the necessary support. There is no need to be concerned if you have not previously treated a health complaint. You will only be expected to treat health issues within your clinical area which you are comfortable in dealing with.


Please search for a trip to determine the cost of your expedition. Click me

Prices cover a contribution towards the medical projects that is used to help run and maintain these life-changing services, internal transport, as well as your accommodation.

It does not include international flights, any visa costs, immunisations or anti-malarial tablets required.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are delighted to accept applications from fully-qualified clinical professional, and we also have opportunities for medica/dental/nursing students to participate on the expeditions.

Please note that all healthcare professionals must be registered with the appropriate body relevant to their country of work/residence (such as the GMC, GDN, GNC, etc.) and hold a license to practise.

You will join the full time staff on board our medical ships, staying and working on board for approx. 10 days (Travel time and overnight stops take up the rest of your 2 weeks.).  Please note that in Peru, if you are visiting a remote part of the river system you may spend more time sailing to reach these communities. Depending on your personal skill set, you will be involved in daily open surgeries where you may be expected to be involved in the assessment and treatment of tropical diseases (including malaria), basic obstetric care, minor injuries, minor surgery, paediatrics and dental care.

You will be staying in the accommodation on board the medical ships for the majority of your trip (apart from stays at a hotel at the beginning and end).

For 2023, an Amazon Hope Expedition will cost from £1680.

This includes a contribution towards the medical projects which is used to help run and maintain these services. This cost also includes internal transport (e.g. airport transfers, transport to ship, domestic flights in Peru), food, water and accommodation. It does not include international flights and any visa, immunisations or anti-malarial tablets required.

It is always important to visit your GP before you travel for a medical check-up and to talk through the vaccinations needed. For the most up to date information on vaccinations needed please see:



For general health advice for travelling overseas, including advise for visiting Peru or Tanzania, please visit:

Tanzania: Volunteers with a British passport do not need a visa in advance of their trip, on arrival in Tanzania you will be required to fill out a simple form and pay $50 dollars for a tourist visa. Volunteers who do not have a British passport should make their own enquiries about the necessity for a visa.  

Peru: Volunteers with a British passport do not need a visa for working on Amazon Hope. Volunteers who do not have a British passport should make their own enquiries about the necessity for a visa.

To ensure the quality of service provided to the people in Peru and Tanzania is of the highest standard, and in keeping with Vine Trust’s commitment with the Ministry of Health in Peru and Tanzania, all healthcare volunteers with the Vine Trust will be confirmed as having current eligibility to practise as a clinician in the UK/elsewhere and that they remain in good professional standing. For Doctors it will also be necessary to confirm that you hold a current GMC licence (or national equivalent) to practise.

For medical/dental/nursing students, please contact Vine Trust for more details of what documentation you will need to present.

Doctors - current GMC regulations require all doctors to hold a Licence to Practise; this lapses as soon as a retirement has been confirmed unless the Doctor undertakes additional steps to retain the same. Whilst revalidation is for 5 years, the License to Practise is linked to working in a recognised clinical environment (technically under supervision of a Responsible Officer) and therefore lapses on retirement. The Vine Trust would wish to encourage doctors to consider undertaking an Amazon Hope trip whilst their License to Practise is still valid; the alternative is to volunteer as a general helper alongside colleagues who still have full practising rights. The doctor offering supervision would be required to take clinical responsibility for all decisions. It is expected that, on board, the skills of all volunteers will be recognised and used to best help support the activities of the programmes in Peru and Tanzania.

Dentists and Nurses - at present GDC and NMC registration continues to next renewal point and so Vine Trust welcomes volunteers from Dentists and Nurses during the period of their continued registration after retirement. Thereafter the supervision model described above for Doctors would pertain.