Message from Willie Published: 03 Oct 2023

To all our Volunteers, Supporters, Donors and Friends. 

Please see the following message from Willie.

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NEW SHIP FOR TANZANIA! Published: 02 Oct 2023

We are delighted to announce that a new ship will be joining the Jubilee Hope Medical Programme to expand the reach of services to remote island communities on Lake Victoria, Tanzania.

This new ship, the MV Lady Jean, will complement the work of MV Jubilee Hope, playing a key role the roll out of anti-retroviral HIV medications to island communities in great need of this new service.

With significant support…

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Community Health Agents and Holistic Medical Care in the Amazon Published: 18 Sep 2023

In the fifth of his blog posts on the Amazon Hope Medical Programme's mental health component, Programme Director Román Rodriguez talks about the concept of Community Health Agents and how they can support the physical and mental well-being of those living in isolated and vulnerable communities. 

For decades, the Ministry of Health of Peru implemented a great idea to promote health in the country’s most remote communities: train some members…

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Board Announcement Published: 05 Sep 2023

The Vine Trust Board wishes to advise our supporters that after more than 20 years at the helm, Rev. Willie McPherson will be stepping down from his role as CEO of Vine Trust.

Willie has been inspirational and unwavering in his passion to help some of the poorest and forgotten people in the world with the love of Christ in a very practical way.

During his tenure, we have worked…

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Promotion of Play to Strengthen Mental Wellbeing in the Amazon Published: 04 Sep 2023

In the fourth of his blog posts about the mental health component of Amazon Hope Medical Programme (PMEAP), Project Coordinator Román Rodriguez talks about the development of training activities to help community members work through their issues and learn to appreciate the importance of talking about and identifying their problems. 

Blog 4: Promotion of Play 

One of the important components of the PMEAP services is that of education, with an…

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Kazunzu: A Place-Based Approach Published: 01 Aug 2023

Kazunzu comes from the Zinza tribal language and means a promontory. It is an apt name for the piece of land that juts out into Lake Victoria, a cape around 20 km west of Mwanza, Tanzania that is in the process of becoming a self-sustainable ‘Village of Hope’ for around 40 families.

Those who have been aboard Jubilee Hope or visited the islands of Lake Victoria will be aware of…

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Dr. Claire Bawn Appointed New Chair of Vine Trust Published: 13 Jul 2023

At the board meeting in June, Dr. Claire Bawn was appointed as the new Chair of Vine Trust. 

Dr. Claire Bawn is a General Practitioner who has been involved with the work of Vine Trust since 2011. Formerly a medical practice partner, she now divides her time between locum work across Scotland and volunteering with Vine Trust.

Claire has served on the medical committee since 2015 and has been a trustee since…

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Explaining Mental Health as a Concept in the Amazon Published: 13 Jul 2023

In the third of the blog posts written by Amazon Hope Medical Programme (PMEAP) Project Coordinator Román Rodriguez, he talks about the challenges faced by project workers in the region when it came to explaining the concepts of mental health and wellbeing to community members who'd never heard of or come across these ideas before. 

Blog 3: The Language 

In the Loreto region, the number of mental health services is very scarce and,…

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Medical Ships: Revolutionising Access to Health Care Published: 19 Jun 2023

There are many isolated parts of the world where people live with little or no access to medical services. In response to this need, and in cooperation with local partners, our in-country medical programmes' ships work to deliver primary health care to some of the most vulnerable communities across the globe.

The Ships

There are three medical ships currently providing crucial support and consultations for the communities: these include the

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An Alliance for Mental Health Published: 10 May 2023

In the second of his series of mental health blog posts, Amazon Hope Medical Programme (PMEAP) Project Coordinator Román Rodriguez talks about the Alliance for the Amazon Against COVID-19 with USAID Peru and Peruvian NGO CEDRO, looking at the achievements of this collaboration.

BLOG 2: The Alliance

The Amazon Hope Medical Programme of Peru (PMEAP) has provided health services in many river basins of the Peruvian Amazon since 2002. In…

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The Birth of a Mental Health Programme in the Amazon Published: 20 Apr 2023

The following is the first in a series of blog posts written by Amazon Hope Medical Programme Project Coordinator Román Rodriguez. Over the coming months, he'll be writing about different aspects of the groundbreaking mental health component, and this week, he's talking about the crucial role that two young Peruvian psychologists played in setting up the mental health programme during COVID-19.

BLOG 1: The Beginning 

The Amazon Hope Medical Programme…

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New Medical Records System for the Amazon Hope Programme Published: 20 Mar 2023


During the recent Stakeholders conference, we received a very encouraging update about the progress that has been made on the new Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) which has been installed in the MV Forth Hope in Peru. Initial reports from the medical team have been very positive about how easy it is to use and the benefits that it is…

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