Leave a Legacy


Making a will is a wise and fulfilling decision. It is one way to give your family and loved ones long-term piece of mind. But will-making also provides an opportunity to express the compassion which has marked your life. Remembering Vine Trust in your legacy enables us to continue our work with marginalised and vulnerable lives.

A legacy to the Vine Trust won’t cost you much now, but could become the largest gift you ever give. Legacies can transform possessions into hope for many people and play a priceless part in our work.

You may wish to give your legacy to Vine Trust’s work as a whole, or there may be a particular cause or project that is on your heart or one you have been directly involved in. This could be towards any aspect of our work, from building homes in Tanzania to providing a primary healthcare service in the Peruvian Amazon. Any donation will make a difference and help us reach our goals of improving the lives of those we support.

You may also wish to give to the Vine Trust in memory of, and as a tribute to, the life of a loved one. This act of giving can be viewed as a celebration of their life, and one that can also make a huge impact for good.

More information

If you would like to speak to us directly as you go through this process, we would be happy to help. Please contact our finance team on 0131 555 5598.

For more information about the Vine Trust and guidance on leaving a legacy please click here to download an advice leaflet.