View from the Bridge

Wednesday 00.49 sailing at 6 knots across a moonlit stretch of the Amazon, like the closing scene of the film The Hunt for Red October. The big difference, we still have 1120 miles to run until we reach Iquitos. We are however on the home straight even if there are potential challenges due to the main river levels.  That being said, their is a new Peruvian navy ship BAP Castilla on its way to Manaus and it has a deeper draft than Forth Hope, so we are not anticipating any big issues!

Corned beef has made a couple of appearance on the ships menu and no doubt a few more tinned surprises await, but all are well and the ship is finally beginning to look ready for handover.  Lots still to do lower compartments to paint and the last of the timber shutters to come off tomorrow morning.

Soon however Forth Hope will be ready to start its new life and begin what its really all about, connecting with people in order to change lives!

Thanks for all your interest and support for our work and for making this our latest ship a reality.

29th August. 


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